Social Media Facts, Numbers and Statistics of 2014

The infographic below from Digital Insights covers all the latest Social Media facts, figures, numbers and statistics of 2014. Some of the highlights:

  • 75% of the engagement on a Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours.
  • 53% of interaction between Google+ user and a brand is positive.
  • 44% of users on Twitter have never sent a tweet!
  • 84% of women and 50% of men stay active on Pinterest.
  • More than 2 users sign-up for LinkedIn every second.
  • 23% of teens consider Instagram as their favourite social network.
  • 40% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile.
  • Social Media Numbers 2014Infographic showing social media engagement in 2014 – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, You Tube and Blogs

social media 2014
by Digital Insights

Social Media 2014 Infographic

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